Dog Training Graduate from Lancaster, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Champ, with Ann S. from Lancaster, PA.

Here’s what Champ’s owner’s had to say:

“What I liked best about the services at PBK was that they worked with me and started with my dog the same day as his evaluation. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming. They treated my dog as one of their own. My dog came in out of control. He barely listened and pulled significantly. When I went to pick him up, I didn’t believe he was mine! Thank you to all who helped train my boy Champ.”

Dog Training Graduate from New Ringgold, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Ruby, with Norma F and Tracee F. from New Ringgold PA.

Here’s what Ruby’s owners had to say:

“Everyone we dealt with was very friendly and professional. We saw a noticeable improvement after 2 week training. Before PBK Ruby was obsessed with deer and actually ran off through the woods once. That was when we knew we needed help. Now when she sees deer, the “no” command stops her from chasing. If we let her start chasing, the “come” command brings her immediately back to our side. That is exactly what we wanted from this training. Thank you PBK.”

Dog Training Graduate from Wyomissing, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Dixie, with Jean H. from Wyomissing, PA.

Here’s what Dixie’s owner had to say:

“We were extremely satisfied with the services at PBK. They delivered exactly what  you promised! This is our second dog we’ve asked Peacock to train. They are prompt, professional and know the animals! They went to great lengths to explain the philosophy behind the training which helped us to be able to follow through with the behavior training when we got home. I would highly recommend Peacock!”

Dog Training Graduate from Wyomissing, Pa.

Recent dog training graduate Jett, with Mike and Mary N. from Wyomissing, PA.

Here’s what Jett’s owners had to say:
“We were very impressed with the facilities and how clean and spacious the training areas were. Our german shepherd, Jett, without question, had issues related to aggression. We were hesitant to take him for walks because of coming into contact with other people and their dogs. We were also concerned about inviting people to our home. As a result of his training (from a very patient and caring staff), Jett is now a true gentleman. He is a pleasure to take on walks, go into pet stores, and listens to our simple commands. Your staff has exceeded our expectations. We thank you and would recommend your training program.”