Dog Training Graduate from Royersford, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Looney Toons, with Jeff and Pat Baun from Royersford, PA.

Here’s what Looney Toons’ owners had to say:

“What we liked best about the services at Peacock Bridge Kennels was the people. Everyone was awesome! Allie was great to work with. We have seen a 90% improvement in Luna since we got her home. You all do a great job!”


Dog Training Graduate from Annville, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Jax, with Sylvia R. from Annville, PA.

Here’s what Jax’s owner had to say:

“What I liked most about the services at Peacock Bridge Kennels was the professionalism and the ability to keep me informed. My dog Jax is now able to be outside off the leash. He comes when called and walks nicely beside me now.”

Dog Training Graduate from Hancock, NY.

Recent dog training graduate, Ella, with Ellen B. from Hancock, NY.

Here’s what Ella’s owner had to say:

“What I liked best about the services at Peacock Bridge Kennels was EVERYTHING. The people, the training, you showed us what to do, etc. Ella came home a new dog. We have a lot of fun with her. She comes when called. When we have people over, she sits and stays. Our drive to drop Ella off for training was a long 3 hours. Coming home was a different story – this was a nice 3 hour ride. She comes with us all of the time now in the car. Thank you all.”

Dog Training Graduate from West Lawn, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Kilo, with Antyhony D. and Amber R. from West Lawn, PA.

Here’s what Kilo’s owners had to say:

“What we liked best about the services at PBK was that they were friendly and convenient. Peacock Bridge Kennels treated our dog Kilo as one of their own. Before training we could not have people over and Kilo would jump up to great them before they could get through the door. He is a high energy dog that loves people. Since training, Kilo remains in his down and stay position until he is released. He walks on leash so easily now. We used to need a tie out in our back yard to keep him from running away and now he goes out off leash and never leaves our yard. He still has minor issues but he does really well. We highly recommend Peacock Bridge to all of our friends and family.”

Dog Training Graduate from Douglassville, PA.

Recent dog training graduate Finn, with Linda B. from Douglassville, PA.

Here’s what Finn’s owner had to say:
“We were having a hard time controlling Finn and he wasn’t listening to us despite various techniques. Walks were impossible with pulling and barking, and we couldn’t have visitors. He was basically becoming unmanageable. After his training at PBK, we can now walk him off leash, bring him on family outings and have a room full of visitors and still have control. His transformation is amazing! Thank you PBK!”