Dog Training Graduate from Hancock, NY.

Recent dog training graduate, Ella, with Ellen B. from Hancock, NY.

Here’s what Ella’s owner had to say:

“What I liked best about the services at Peacock Bridge Kennels was EVERYTHING. The people, the training, you showed us what to do, etc. Ella came home a new dog. We have a lot of fun with her. She comes when called. When we have people over, she sits and stays. Our drive to drop Ella off for training was a long 3 hours. Coming home was a different story – this was a nice 3 hour ride. She comes with us all of the time now in the car. Thank you all.”

Dog Training Graduates Jack, Jameson and Stella from Stowe, PA.

Recent dog training graduates Jack, Jameson and Stella with Michael and Jinnell C. from Stowe, PA.

Here’s what Jack, Jameson and Stella’s owners had to say:

“It was a great experience from start to finish. They explained everything to us before signing up. It was going to be challenging because we signed 3 dogs up but they created a schedule to get all 3 in and trained without overwhelming us with all three dogs at once. They told us if we have have any questions to just give a call.”

Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Vinnie, with Jim M. from Reading, PA.

Here’s what Vinnie’s owner had to say:

“The staff at Peacock was professional, knowledgeable and friendly which is an asset and a rare combination to see in any business today. I would recommend Peacock Bridge to anyone. The difference in Vinnie is night and day.”

Dog Training Graduate from Wyomissing, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Dixie, with Jean H. from Wyomissing, PA.

Here’s what Dixie’s owner had to say:

“We were extremely satisfied with the services at PBK. They delivered exactly what  you promised! This is our second dog we’ve asked Peacock to train. They are prompt, professional and know the animals! They went to great lengths to explain the philosophy behind the training which helped us to be able to follow through with the behavior training when we got home. I would highly recommend Peacock!”