Dog Training Graduate from West Lawn, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Kilo, with Antyhony D. and Amber R. from West Lawn, PA.

Here’s what Kilo’s owners had to say:

“What we liked best about the services at PBK was that they were friendly and convenient. Peacock Bridge Kennels treated our dog Kilo as one of their own. Before training we could not have people over and Kilo would jump up to great them before they could get through the door. He is a high energy dog that loves people. Since training, Kilo remains in his down and stay position until he is released. He walks on leash so easily now. We used to need a tie out in our back yard to keep him from running away and now he goes out off leash and never leaves our yard. He still has minor issues but he does really well. We highly recommend Peacock Bridge to all of our friends and family.”

Dog Training Graduate from Conyngham, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Sebastian, from Conyngham, PA.

Here’s what Sebastian’s owners had to say:

“We took our 2 year old dog, Sebastian who is a shih tzu-sasha apso mix. Sebastian was very fearful, anxious and was becoming aggressive around strangers. He was pulling on the leash when we took him for walks. We were afraid to have company over. We researched trainers and kennels and chose Peacock Bridge because we liked the fact that they said Sebastian was trainable. We were at the point where we thought he might not be trainable! He stayed 4 weeks, we received frequent process reports and were also encouraged to call with any questions.

We cannot express how grateful we are to each and every one of you for the care and training he received. We are so happy for the positive outcome of training – it’s a pleasure to take him for a walk now – no more pulling or running! We went to the vet this week and he was so well behaved. Other people in the waiting room complimented me on how good he was. That was a first for us! We are now able to walk him off leash and he’s more at ease when people come to the home.

We were afraid that we would not be able to find a facility that could help Sebastian and that at age 2 his behaviors were unchangeable. We know that Sebastian was a challenge but your staff did not give up and now we have a well behaved dog that is a joy to be with. We no longer dread someone knocking at our door, company coming over or taking him to the vet. Sebastian isa respectful dog who is an absolute pleasure to be around. It was worth every penny.”


Dog Training Graduate from Wyomissing, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Dixie, with Jean H. from Wyomissing, PA.

Here’s what Dixie’s owner had to say:

“We were extremely satisfied with the services at PBK. They delivered exactly what¬† you promised! This is our second dog we’ve asked Peacock to train. They are prompt, professional and know the animals! They went to great lengths to explain the philosophy behind the training which helped us to be able to follow through with the behavior training when we got home. I would highly recommend Peacock!”

Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Luna, with Rick and Barbara S. from Reading, PA.

Here’s what Luna’s owners had to say:

“Luna is a very large Rottweiler. She had no manners and jumped on everyone.¬†People did not like coming to our house! After being in school, she is so much better. She doesn’t jump – she comes when I call her and we are working on the down command. She is so much sure of herself and doesn’t seem to be so needy. Thank you all for your help!”

Dog Training Graduate from Myerstown, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Piper, with Devon and Beth Z. from Myerstown, PA.

Here’s what Piper’s owners had to say:

“What we liked best about the services at Peacock Bridge Kennels was the confidence to teach Piper what she needed. I was preparing to have a dog that I couldn’t take places away from home. Her “acting out” was too much for me and the public. Peacock Bridge Kennels changed that! Piper is now able to go to the pet stores, walk outside, go hiking and swimming without fear. She respects us so much more. Piper and I will have a more enjoyable life together thanks to PBK. The work you all do is much appreciated. Thank you!”

Dog Training Graduate from Hamburg, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Buddy, with Mike and Joanne S. from Hamburg, PA.

Here’s what Buddy’s owners had to say:

“What we liked most about the services at PBK was the results! Buddy came back a better dog and we’re better dog owners! It has hard leaving him for two weeks and we missed him so much but I believe we received everything that was promised. We are very pleased with the results we received from Peacock Bridge Kennels’ training of Buddy, our year old Husky. Buddy was a rescue dog with little or no obedience training, which made our enjoyment difficult for both Buddy and ourselves. He is now a well behaved member of the family and we would highly recommend Peacock Bridge to anyone!”