Jackie, Bob, Ana and Molly from Fleetwood

Fay Isamoyer is a trainer with Peacock Bridge who has 22 years full time professional experience.  Fay has personally trained over 3,000 inboard obedience dogs.  The below example is a fine testimonial of the results Fay is able to achieve!

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Dear Fay,


Thank you for training Molly. Obviously she needed your magic touch. My family had hunting dogs

as long as I remember. Never saw one like Molly. Molly is still head strong and demanding, however,

now understands her limits, thanks to you. The strong will is a part of her personality as much as her

loving nature. The best part is we can control the strength easily.


I have a little story that shows her strong will. She is so cute at mealtime. Molly gets a “down/stay”.

She will look at Bob, then me, shake her head “no”, then bows down.  She does with a big huff.  We

can’t help but laugh to ourselves.


We were totally amazed at the change in behavior in 2 weeks.  Molly’s training has really paid off.

She is a joy. She has learned to control herself. Molly quickly learned the property boundaries. Of

course, we never let her out alone.  lt is just great to have her out with us when we are doing chores.

Fay, you must have a natural instinct and a real connection with the dogs you train. Aside from

training collars, it is trufy like magic the way they are trained so well and still have their own personality.

You are a super gal. Thank you. Thank you.



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