Dave, Deb, and Levi from Hamburg

We are extremely happy with Levi’s training.

After our follow up, visit we made sure to make the adjustments Andy suggested.  Levi now lays down and stays until told to move AND — the ultimate test — [Levi stayed] at our mountain house unleashed all weekend.  He took off after a deer.  We yelled “Come!” and he turned around immediately and came back.

Thank you, Peacock Bridge, for making our lives and Levi’s life happy and stress free!

Your services are worth every penny and more!

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  1. I had my dog trained there also…we are EXTREMELY pleased with the results!!!! My dog was stubborn before Peacock…now we love being with him and friends that visit us are SHOCKED!!! that we don’t have him on a chain or leash… Thanks Andy;-)


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