Troy and Sandy S. and their dog Ella from Temple, PA

One of our favorite things about our experience at Peacock Bridge was that their facility was exceptional, it was clean, organized, and welcoming!  We were very satisfied with the training our Ella received.  It was a very positive experience.  We entrusted our dog to Peacock Bridge’s training program and because of that we can now spend time outdoors with a happy, playful, and well behaved dog!



2 thoughts on “Troy and Sandy S. and their dog Ella from Temple, PA”

  1. When we first brought home our now 5 month old GSD Leibchen, we did a lot of research for training facilities in our area. Peacock Bridge kept popping up as a high quality program with excellent results training facility. We recently picked her up after spending two weeks at Peacock Bridge, and are extremely satisfied with the initial results. As a working dog particularly, Leibchen needs focus and structure to maximize being a well rounded Shepherd. We feel confident going forward with her continued training at home that she will be the dog we set out to have as a pack member in our home thanks to Peacock Bridge.
    Mike and Barb Wallace

  2. I love the owners of Peacock! They are wonderful, caring and obviously true animal lovers! Thank you Peacock Bridge.


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