Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Vinnie, with Jim M. from Reading, PA.

Here’s what Vinnie’s owner had to say:

“The staff at Peacock was professional, knowledgeable and friendly which is an asset and a rare combination to see in any business today. I would recommend Peacock Bridge to anyone. The difference in Vinnie is night and day.”

Dog Training Graduate from Wyomissing, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Dixie, with Jean H. from Wyomissing, PA.

Here’s what Dixie’s owner had to say:

“We were extremely satisfied with the services at PBK. They delivered exactly what  you promised! This is our second dog we’ve asked Peacock to train. They are prompt, professional and know the animals! They went to great lengths to explain the philosophy behind the training which helped us to be able to follow through with the behavior training when we got home. I would highly recommend Peacock!”

Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Luna, with Rick and Barbara S. from Reading, PA.

Here’s what Luna’s owners had to say:

“Luna is a very large Rottweiler. She had no manners and jumped on everyone. People did not like coming to our house! After being in school, she is so much better. She doesn’t jump – she comes when I call her and we are working on the down command. She is so much sure of herself and doesn’t seem to be so needy. Thank you all for your help!”

Dog Training Graduate from Hamburg, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Buddy, with Mike and Joanne S. from Hamburg, PA.

Here’s what Buddy’s owners had to say:

“What we liked most about the services at PBK was the results! Buddy came back a better dog and we’re better dog owners! It has hard leaving him for two weeks and we missed him so much but I believe we received everything that was promised. We are very pleased with the results we received from Peacock Bridge Kennels’ training of Buddy, our year old Husky. Buddy was a rescue dog with little or no obedience training, which made our enjoyment difficult for both Buddy and ourselves. He is now a well behaved member of the family and we would highly recommend Peacock Bridge to anyone!”

Dog Training Graduate from West Lawn, PA

Recent dog training graduate, Diesel, with Ryan and Rachel S. from West Lawn, PA.
Here’s what Diesel’s owners had to say:
“What we liked best about the services at Peacock Bridge was being able to call at any moment to check in and the hands on, one-on-one people training at the end of the session. We knew having a husky was going to be tricky, but thanks to Peacock Bridge’s in-board training we have a well behaved pup. We can not express enough how much better Diesel is! Being able to walk him without a leash, trusting him to come when instructed and staying in one spot when told is such a relief and dream come true! We would and will highly recommend Peacock Bridge Kennels to friends, family and all to all pet owners, not only for training, but for boarding as well. We have NOTHING negative to say about Peacock Bridge! Thank you to all of the trainers and staff who took such great care of Diesel!”