Dog Training Graduate from Denver, PA.

 Recent dog training graduate, Abner, with Nick B. from Denver, PA.

Here’s what Abner’s owner had to say:
“This was the first time we used PBK. We were a little unsure if the training would work, despite hearing great reviews from everyone. We decided to take a leap of faith and give it a try. We were not disappointed! Our dog does everything and more then we expected. We will bring every dog here for future training!”

Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA.

Recent dog training graduate, Ebony, with Pete and Susan L. from Reading. PA.

Here’s what Ebony’s owners had to say:
“We were thinking that you guys were not going to be able to do it and that we would get some of our money back. To much of our amazement, she turned out to be what we always dreamed of! Thank you all for everything!”

Dog Training Graduate from Reading, PA.

Here’s what Zena’s owners had to say:
“My husband and I were very impressed with Peacock Bridge. We had our doubts that our dog could be trained. We couldn’t believe the difference since her training. We are no longer frustrated! It is a joy to have our dog being part of the family. No more leash pulling, jumping up or biting! We are very happy and impressed with our dog and with the services provided by Peacock Bridge! We also felt our dog was treated very well and would highly recommend you. Keep doing what you do! It works!”

Dog Training Graduate from Jonestown, PA.

Here’s what Cato’s owners had to say:
“I/We are in complete shock in the transformation of Cato – He was out of control! He would jump on everyone and try to attack (not viciously). He wanted to chase motorcycles and my vacuum – he just didn’t obey. Since we’ve had him home, he is a new dog! No jumping, chasing or attacking my vacuum. He’s lovable, listens and obeys. We are so pleased with this transformation that we are bringing our two other dogs for the next training class! Thanks PBK – you rock!”

Dog Training Graduate from Lititz, PA.

Recent dog training graduate Bojack, with Paul and Joanne D. from Lititz PA.


Here’s what Bojack’s owners had to say:

     “Our 10 year old Chocolate was starting to show signs of his aging. We thought if we got him a puppy it would rejuvenate him and keep him young for a little bit longer. We chose a black lap pup. It didn’t take long for us to figure out that in our late 60’s introducing a lab puppy into our lives right be a bit much. As is common to the breed their level of “enthusiasm” is off the charts! We knew in a very short period of time we would need professional help in training our puppy who was growing in leaps and bounds.
      We started researching training places where the dog was boarded during his training. We checked reviews, results obtained and owner satisfaction reports. It all kept coming back to Peacock Bridge Kennels. All questions and concerns were addressed in both pre and post training consults.
     Our lovable lab, Bojack, came back to us a different dog. CALM would be the most descriptive term that comes to mind – no more random chaos in the mornings. He was so well behaved and so much more obedient. We could not be more pleased. That being said, as explained to us that when he comes home it must be remembered that he is in training, not trained. We continue to train him when he slips and this will continue for three or four months until his wild traits are behind him.
     The idea of taking him out on our property (corner lot) without a leash would have been unheard of before. He was easily distracted while on the leash – off the leash he would be afraid for his safety dashing into the street. I now take him out on the property with no leash at any time of the day or night with total confidence that he will be at my side or remaining on the property within my sight. I have seen him stop in his tracks and stare at joggers, dog walkers and passing cars. I calmly tell him “stay” and he has never broken that command. That type of confidence is such a blessing when you love your pet as much as we do.
     I don’t know if other trainers could do the same in such a short period of time. This I do know – there is no way that my wife and I could have accomplished this in a year or more of trial and error tactics. To our new friends at Peacock Bridge Kennels, thank you so much, especially Allie who was so informative and answered every scenario we put forth. “