Carl and Patty H.’s Story

Carl and Patty H.

Lancaster PA

“The training a dog receives at Peacock Bridge Kennels does require reinforcement by the owner(s) but it is as close to instant training you can get, as far as the owner is concerned. We’re convinced that no amount of effort by the average dog owner is going to achieve results anywhere close to what Andy and Fay get. I originally turned to Peacock Bridge as a last resort with a very problematic dog and was so impressed that I took my next dog there for training. When I got married and my husband and I got a new puppy, there was no question about where she would go for training. The results are nothing short of amazing!”





A Wonderful Success Story about dog Rosalie

“There is hope for this beautiful girl! Thanks to Andy Bensing and Peacock Bridge Kennels she will have a chance at a wonderful future! She will be trained and ready for her new home! However we need donations to keep this girl in boarding! Every penny counts so what ever you can afford is so appreciated!  If you wish to donate, and live close by you can stop in at Peacock Bridge Kennels and let the staff know it is for Rosalie.”